Hosier Lane Photos

Wow has it really been four years? Looks like it has been and then some. Decided to dust off this corpse of a blog and do something with it, reanimate it, if you will. I plan for it to be a space where photos can be uploaded, sites linked to, and anything else that enters my sphere that i find interesting, amusing or exciting. One place in my hometown that I always stop by to see what’s new is Hosier Lane. Often cited as a focal point for what’s right or wrong about street art depending on your viewpoint, Hosier Lane continues to be a home for large-scale street art pieces. The new page over on the right has two of the finest works currently ‘showing’ at Hosier Lane. I will endeavour to dig out and post some photos of older pieces from Hosier in the near future.


~ by spatialthoughts on February 11, 2012.

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