Winter Winners

Winter is well and truly amongst us. Some folks seize up and become a little frosty during this time, reflecting their climes. While Melbourne isn’t as cold as our Northern (and Southern) brethren, Melbourne does get a tad bleak and chilly.  We  have just passed the shortest day of the year. It only gets brighter from here on in.

Some things that have kept me going…

Sounds from Vladislav Delay.

Vladislav Delay (Real name, Sasu Ripatti) comes from Finland. North Finland to be exact. He knows what cold is and it’s somewhat appropriate that I’m listening to his music to get through a winter that Finns would chortle about. His more abstract work is akin to improvisation, constantly shifting and changing. His more linear, house-driven work still has traces of abstraction. It is music that is beguiling, made by one of the leading exponents of electronic music today.

Tickets Bar

Well, the promise of going to Tickets while in Barcelona later this year. This is Ferran Adrià’s new restaurant after closing the famous home of molecular gastronomy, elBulli, last year. Molecular gastronomy is not on my list of options when it comes to eating out, especially with its associated price tag, but this looks like heaps of fun.


~ by spatialthoughts on June 24, 2012.

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