Bar Lourinha

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A lovely pair of dishes from Bar Lourinha in Melbourne. Other places in the city hog the limelight but Lourinha has been consistently excellent for a number of years now. One picture not present is the amazing Yellow Tail Kingfish ‘pancetta’ with lemon oil, always a mandatory dish when placing your order here.



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Trawling the internet this weekend for new music, I stumbled upon some old music reissued, namely the 1996 debut record by Porter Ricks, Biokinetics. Porter Ricks was a collaboration between dark ambient musician and media artist Thomas Köner and sound engineer Andy Mellwig which produced a techno record that defied stereotypes, melding Köner’s frosty textures with Mellwig’s gritty rhythms.

Originally released on the Chain Reaction label, (a sub-label of Basic Channel, home to the amazing Rhythm and Sound label and dub collaborative projects) the album was housed in a metal, instead of plastic jewel case. While a fine looking package and whether by accident or design, each time the CD was ejected from its metal home it would require the use of a substantial amount of force. This resulted in the CD cracking around the centre plastic hub, the metal case effectively eating the disc, little by little, each time it was removed. My personal copy suffered this fate, the disc itself was removed often, eventually cracking to the point of rendering it unplayable. Subsequently, mint copies of this edition would fetch a nice price on the internet marketplace.

The music contained within sounded like rave at the end of a glacier, its loops and ambiences seemed to be recorded in the aural equivalent of wide-view, limitless and unending. Köner’s solo work, minimal slabs of dense, isolationist sound is very much present here but Mellwig adds beats or what could more aptly be described as ‘pulses’,(check out Port Gentil and Biokinetics 2) giving life but not detracting from Köner’s atmospherics. Basslines seem to rise from the ocean floor, kick drums sound like depth charges, the allusions to water deliberate, reflecting the endless, sometimes subtle, occasionally tumultuous sounds emanating from the speakers.

The album has been rereleased by Type in a standard jewel case, double vinyl and various electronic forms and sounds timeless as much as it did 16 years ago. Its influence on the sounds of dub step is obvious and is a highly recommended listen for anyone interested in this genre’s or contemporary electronica’s precedents.

Valentine of Thrones

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As a fan of The Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin, a fan of fine illustration and in no way at all a romantic on the most romantic of days (Meatloaf said two out of three ain’t bad) comes these little gems of cards to share with your special someone today. Illustrator Chris Bishop has designed some Game of Thrones Valentine’s Day cards. Those of you who like the series will find them at least mildly amusing, those of you who don’t know the series will probably wonder what the fuss is about. A new series of Game of Thrones is due in April 2012, the next book in the series only GRRM knows the answer to that one. He was kind enough to gives us a teaser chapter though.

Middle Fish

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Middle Fish is a brand new warehouse-space café serving Southern Thai style food in Carlton. After a rave review in Epicure the same week, arriving for Sunday lunch saw the place bustling with patrons and staff rushed off their feet.

We had the Thai style chicken omelette with a pure chili sauce, pork belly stir-fry with vegetables, roti with satay sauce and a great staple drink of South East Asia, iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk. While never having been to Thailand, a similar concoction was had in Vietnam some years ago in an outdoor café in Nha Trang complete with rats skittering between tables, but I digress.

The food was flavoursome and the chef none too polite with the amount of chili but this didn’t detract from the flavours. The food leaving the impression of honest, home-style cooking without the obligatory red/green/yellow curries we know and frankly are all a little bored by. The service was polite and despite protestations to the contrary due to being understaffed, quick without appearing rushed. Being a café, they also take their coffee seriously however with coffee snobs as rare as pigeons, in this town you can’t afford to be anything but.

Speaking with one of (whom I assume to be) the owners, they are planning a chef’s specials board that will have some of the meals cooked for staff at the café. We urged him on with this idea as this town really needs some authentic Thai flavours, Sydney shouldn’t have all the spicy fun.

Sadly no photos of the food as my camera ran out of battery charge, all the more reason to get yourself there and see (and taste) for yourself.

Hosier Lane Photos

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Wow has it really been four years? Looks like it has been and then some. Decided to dust off this corpse of a blog and do something with it, reanimate it, if you will. I plan for it to be a space where photos can be uploaded, sites linked to, and anything else that enters my sphere that i find interesting, amusing or exciting. One place in my hometown that I always stop by to see what’s new is Hosier Lane. Often cited as a focal point for what’s right or wrong about street art depending on your viewpoint, Hosier Lane continues to be a home for large-scale street art pieces. The new page over on the right has two of the finest works currently ‘showing’ at Hosier Lane. I will endeavour to dig out and post some photos of older pieces from Hosier in the near future.

Travel and Best Photos of 2008.

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Slowly adding some more photos and annotating those already there. Speaking of photos The Boston Globe has three pages dedicated to outstanding images captured during 2008. Some beautiful, some shocking, many poignant, check them out if you haven’t already.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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The blog posts are a little low in number here but fear not! Over on the right there are photos from a trip to Japan last year that are being constantly updated, feel free to take a look and leave a comment.

Speaking of photos, an amazing photo of the Parisian skyline at night here. Enjoy!