Travel Photos – Food

Some photos of a recent trip to Japan, the land of disembodied female voices, sublime temples and vending machines. And so much more. This initial batch are photos from Nishiki Market in Kyoto. The food here was amazing, so many different types of nori that tasted incredible. The bonus is that the market is undercover so if it is raining (as it was when we were there) you can skip the temples and spend your time here eating and keeping dry.


The next food photos come from a yakitori bar just next to Shinjuku station. We went here with a friend who is Australian and currently lives in Japan, the lady inquired in Japanese from behind the counter if we were old enough to drink! My friend assured her that we were indeed old enough, were in fact Australian and that beer is also very important to us. With that she gestured to us to sit, coupled with a ‘Hai dozo!’ Then the food and drink started flowing, some of which I managed to take pictures of. A simple meal, good beer, smiles and ‘kampai’ from the locals made it a fantastic experience and a fond and mouth watering memory.




Tsukune (Chicken skewers) with egg yolk for dipping. Amazing.


Our love affair with Japanese food began not in the form of sushi and sashimi (although these items are delicious) but with the humble octopus in batter. Many years ago our local yakitori restaurant served some up to us after a strong recommendation from the waitress. Out came six battered balls of octopus goodness topped with wriggling bonito flakes, the taste? Sublime. Although just a snack and found all over Japan, I was reliably informed that the best examples are found in Osaka. So after a 9 and-a-half hour plane flight, landing in Osaka, finding the hotel and throwing our bags in the room we quickly set off for Dotonbori to find takoyaki and beneath the walls of neon we found it, the real deal. Washed down with an ice cold Asahi, takoyaki was our culinary introduction to Japan. 






Being quite partial to the odd beer, and especially some of the Japanese brews, Japan is a beer lovers paradise. Not surprisingly the local beers compliment the food so well. The tastes were generally clean and crisp; i couldn’t find a bad beer amongst the many on offer. Real Asahi (as opposed to the import stuff we get in Australia), Kirin, Ebisu, Sapporo and Malts washed down many a fine meal and were an accompaniment to many a fine conversation. Below is a picture that always makes me feel a little thirsty each time i see it.


The building that also makes me thirsty, the Asahi building in Asakusa. Hardly a subtle design, but the brief said; ‘Make the building look like a giant beer.’ And so designer Phillippe Starck obliged. Iconic or eyesore? Perhaps a little of both.


Tsukiji Fish Market

The most famous fish market in the world, Tsukiji was high on the list of places to visit while in Tokyo. If it comes from the sea and you can eat it, it will be at Tsukiji. With the fish auctions now sealed off from tourists, there is the lure of some of the freshest sushi available to eat at any one of the numerous eateries within the market area. 



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